Decoy:Run is a Symphonic Rock band that started playing influenced by bands like Muse or Biffy Clyro. Thanks to their training in classical music, they experiment with post-romanticism harmonies and intrinsic melodies that escape from conventional rock.

Located between Spain and the USA, their music is influenced by great composers of the great film soundtracks such as Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Vangelis...

Led by brothers Elton (guitar, lead vocals and arrangements) and Marlon (piano, keyboards and synthesizers), their compositions are so richly developed instrumentally, with an elaborate rhythmic and tempo that result in an unparalleled sonic experience.

Con su último lanzamiento, “FALL OUT” y bajo la dirección audiovisual de Andrés Garvía, que fue guitarrista de banda en el pasado, logran la perfección estética de mezclar música e imagen en un solo concepto de experiencia audiovisual 360.

We are in front of a band that is called to move the foundations of rock.


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Fall out

Symphonic rock band that began their musical career under the influences of progressive bands. Thanks to their training in classical music, they experiment with post-romanticism harmonies and melodies that escape from conventional rock.

Fall out is the audiovisual result of an unparalleled sound experience with passages of post rock, psychedelia, classical string arrangements with a touch of apocalyptic post-production where Decoy:Run pays tribute again to those great film composers such as Hans Zimmer, Ennio Morricone or Jhon Williams.

In charge of the visual production is the Madrid-based company DUFRAME, which is directed by the band's former guitarist Andrés Garvía.

The video was shot in two outdoor locations (both in the Sierra de Madrid), plus a set with a giant screen to record the band and a second small set for the astronaut scenes in space.

The equipment used for the production was a Blackmagic Pocket 6k and a combination of Canon CN and Zeiss Contax lenses.

Albums and singles

These have been some of the launches of the



“The Sun Will Expand” (Abril 2023)


“Kepler-452b”  (Septiembre 2022)


“Deus Ex Machina”  (Abril 2022)


“Conservation of energy”  (Abril 2021)


“It´s in the air”  (Mayo 2021)


“Dmt/Thc” (Marzo 2019 )


“Teory of Everything”  (EP – Mayo 2011)

It's in the Air

Constant Structure

Breaking The World


I Can't Save You All