He defines himself as a "singer-songwriter of hope", and that is the mark he hopes to leave as a legacy for current and future generations.

Lucio has been influenced by renowned singer-songwriters, such as the Spanish Joan Manuel Serrat and José Luis Perales and the Venezuelan Yordano Di Marzo, among other creators.

Her prose runs limpid and flows in the channel of her melodies, where the love of women, friendship, the beauty of nature and activism for a better world are sources of inspiration in her work.

His latest work called "Ruedas de Esperanza" (Wheels of Hope) has been a success. A single with social entity, which through a Crowdfunding campaign in Verkami and with sponsors as important as Coca-Cola aims to get the largest number of medical chairs for disabled people in the city of Valencia (Venezuela).

It features international artists such as "La Macarena", with a fusion of salsa, singer-songwriter songs and a musical display directed by Spanish producer Francisco Carrerira.

Lucio Herrera is becoming a reference singer in Venezuela with a great social soul.


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Wheels of hope

Successful track made to raise funds for the Wheels of Happiness Foundation.

RUEDAS DE ESPERANZA was recorded between Spain and Venezuela, with arrangements by Fran Carreira and the participation of outstanding musicians from both countries.

Successful song made to raise funds to finance the support programs led by the Wheels of Happiness Foundation (Wheels of Hope). The composer and singer was joined by the renowned Diana Patricia "La Macarena del mundo", to bring together a message of inclusion, joy, faith and hope to all those people who do not give up because of a physical impediment.

"Ruedas de esperanza" was recorded between Spain and Venezuela, with arrangements by Fran Carreira and the participation of outstanding musicians from both countries. The video clip, which already has thousands of reproductions that are increasing day by day, can be seen on the YouTube channel "Lucio prosa y canción".

"Ruedas de Esperanza" is the name of the musical theme composed by Lucio Herrera Gubaira, inspired by the life of those who move forward in wheelchairs to achieve their dreams. In this musical production, artists from Venezuela and Spain joined their voices to make visible the situation of people with motor disabilities and bring this message of inclusion, respect and admiration. In addition, this musical production gave rise to the unprecedented musical campaign of collective patronage, where each contribution received helps us to acquire the chairs to donate at each stage of the campaign.

We believe in the power generated by the sum of wills united for a good cause. Every contribution to this campaign will be reflected in the donation of mobility equipment and in maintaining and improving the programs of our Wheels of Happiness Foundation, with which we positively transform the lives of people with motor disabilities.