Nuryanna Dayas, known as Witchy Saiko, is an artist from Orihuela, Alicante, resident in Madrid. Witchy Saiko is known for making music Rap, Hip Hop, trap, trapbow, hardtrap, street soul, and other urban styles, with lyrics of neighborhood slang and with touches vindicating women's rights.

His best known works are ¨Best Killer¨, ¨Panoramix¨, ¨Kinki¨ and a collaboration with EL BEZEA: ¨Drama¨ and ¨Poderío¨.

Witchy Saiko, con una imagen arrolladora, está llamada a convertirse en una estrella mundial del trap a la altura de artistas como “Viky G”, “Nati Peluso” o la mismísima “Rosalía”.


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Best Killer

Best Killer is a music video recorded in June 2020 by the audiovisual production company URBAN MEDIA DIGITAL.

It is a Hip Hop track with Trap mixes that talks about the empowerment of women, where the images and the montage give it a brutal force making its protagonist one of the next stars of the Latin urban genre. 

He is one of the great voices of Hip Hop. BEST KILLER, has been a before and after in his musical career. A theme that breaks taboos and that comes from his own personal experience as a victim of abuse.