the secret of success

The quality of your music adds up, the visibility multiplies.

The world is full of great artists and bands of incredible quality, but, unfortunately, this is no longer enough. The market has changed and now the success of an artist is measured by the amount of followers on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter or LinkedIn and by the subscribers they have on YouTube, Spotify or Twitch. This is called VISIBILITY.

Digital marketing

No marketing, no audience

Personal Branding

Today there are thousands of independent artists competing for a place in the market. You have to have a strong brand that identifies you and makes you shine as you deserve.

Creativity and Design

We have experts in digital marketing and graphic design. Music is no longer just listened to, it is first visualized. You need a powerful and differentiating image and, above all, a professional one. We design and manage your artistic brand from music composition, corporate image, copyright management to the strategy and implementation of your music launch.

Resources for social networks

If you want to add you will have to be active in your networks. We offer you professional content with persuasive writing, high quality images, attractive designs, video nuggets or carousels.

Advertising campaigns

You need a solid community and for that you will have to campaign on the networks. We make your budget profitable through statistical analysis.

Music production

You need the best quality

RECORDINGRecordyour tracks with us to get the best sound.
ARRANGEMENTS AND MIXINGWehave several professionals of different musical styles to make your music sound as it deserves.
MUSICIANS AND COMPOSERSSingers, studio musicians, composers. Great professionals at your service.
MASTERINGYoursongs are going to compete on the platforms, you need the best mastering.
DIGITAL PLATFORMSYou alreadyhave your master, now it's time to upload it to the platforms. We do it for you.
YOUR MUSIC IN YOUR HANDSWhosays the physical format is dead? Increase your income by selling your music on CD or vinyl.

And much more

You will find everything you need in our community.


We market the works through digital download and streaming platforms. We offer resources and services to project the artist's career with the latest tools and technologies of the XXI century.


We create and optimize advertising campaigns for artists through the most demanded platforms nowadays: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube Shorts, TikTok or Spotify.


We have professionals specialized in different music genres, with recognized lists and access to curators and aggregators, who will suggest the most effective way to play the songs.


We work so that artists obtain an economic return for their work. We manage the contracting, licensing, publication and registration of works.


At eManagers Music we sponsor artists and organize crowdfunding. Send us your work and we will value it.


We have a team of coaches who, through different mentorships, help emerging artists to obtain the necessary resources to take off in their musical career. We offer seminars, courses, workshops and on-line conferences.


We offer advice regarding all legal and financial aspects of the artist's career: intellectual property rights, registration of their works, memberships in associations.


We provide artists with the psychological tools to build a musical career. We treat the main problems that can affect musicians: stage fright, anxiety, insecurities and, in general, any other psychological aspect that prevents the artist from moving forward.